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Narconon of Georgia News

The latest news, success stories, and events here at Narconon of Georgia.

Narconon of Georgia
20 February 1972
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A Note from the Executive Director

Before founding Narconon of Georgia drug and alcohol rehab in 2001 I worked as a nurse and a business consultant to corporate executives.

A late night encounter with a homeless girl at a Waffle House led to a fulltime effort to stop drug abuse. I took the girl into my home, learned that she was addicted to crack cocaine and eventually took her to a drug treatment center. Through this experience, I learned that there were not enough effective long term care substance abuse rehab programs to meet the growing need.

Working in tandem with a Drug Court Judge, we piloted the feasibility of providing drug treatment instead of incarceration for addicted offender. When the pilot was successful, Narconon of Georgia was fully established to provide substance abuse treatment to all types of clients. I love motivating a client for substance abuse treatment, because I know that we can provide REAL help.

While many drug rehab statistics are nebulous, Narconon boasts a 76% success rate, based on a two year follow-up.

A key to our success is the Narconon New Life Detoxification program. Through the use of a sauna, we provide body detoxification that can help eliminate or reduce cravings.

Research has shown that, detoxification from drugs or alcohol should be followed by effective treatment to achieve long-term success. We provide that effective treatment. Our non-12 step approach provides life skills necessary to maintain sobriety and lead a successful life. These life skills will help the addict identify and resolve problems through learned techniques, rather than turn to drugs as they have in the past.

For more information on how the Narconon program can help you or a loved one, go to www.drugsno.com or www.alternativesentence.com or call 877-413-3073.

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